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How to claim Coronavirus relief for your business

Please watch the video to know about how yourself and your business can claim current relief program announced by the government of United Kingdom as individuals and business large and small are affected by this pandemic.

Please note the video is in Nepalese language.

यूकेमा व्यवसाय बन्द भयो जागिर गयो के गर्ने राहत स्कीम कसरी पाउने ? लाईभ् हेर्नुहोस्

बेलायतमा जागिर गयो व्यापार बन्द भयो अब के गर्ने,राहत स्कीम बारे यस्तो भन्छन् वरिष्ठ चार्टर एकाउण्टेण्ट समीर प्याकुरेल लाईभ् हेर्नुहोस् :

Slået op af London Nepal News i Fredag den 10. april 2020

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